Secret Government Target
"Slinging Satire as a Saturday Night Special"
WHO:  is this ordinary woman who has such out of the ordinary experiences?  A bogus Missing Persons report, oddities in financial accounts, conflicting stories and affidavits by others in a particularly interesting child custody dispute, mysterious alterations to her Chariot (aka Toyota Corolla), and a whole boatload of the unusual or unexplained...

(Paula Marie Rose)

WHAT: sort of tactics will that non existent "Shadow Government" use to silence "That Broad from the Big Berg"?


WHEN: things don't add up, I use whatever tools are at hand.

(calculator, pen and paper, keyboard and internet, wit and humor, etc.)

WHERE:  Then, and Now.

(AK to CA, and all across the USA)

WHY:  That is The BIG Question; what could lil ol' Paula Marie Rose know that "They" want kept in the dark?  Must be Rockin' to keep them Knockin' on me. (Black Holes?, Black Ops?, Black Box?, ??)

HOW: 'bout Them Apples?

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